Visitors to the site will notice that each of the tins shown has a name attached. These are of my own invention and initially for use in identifying tins in my own collection. I have not added detailed desciptions, as I didn’t think it was necessary, but, if an image is enlarged, a line showing three additional pieces of information is displayed. These are:


Cachous – I recently acquired one very small (7cm) cachous-sized tin

Half Pound – Used mainly for childrens tins (including the modern 240g size)

Small – Up to 500g (includes pre-metric one pound tins)

Medium – Over 500g up to 1kg (includes 2lb tins)

Large – Over 1kg (includes the very large 5lb tins)


I have used the frequency of appearance in Ebay UK listings as a rough guide to rarity. It is obviously not an absolute value, it’s just my own interpretation, based on observation. My five rarity values are roughly categorised as follows:

1 – Very Common – At least one example on Ebay at any one time, 50+ in a year

2 – Common – One or more listed most weeks, 20-50 per year

3 – Normal – Up to one per month, 10 -20 per year

4 – Scarce – Less than 10 per year

5 – Rare – No more than 2 or 3 examples, if that, in a year

If I’m not sure, I have used 3. Keen followers of Ebay might have a different interpretation of the values I have attributed. Please note that these values refer to rarity in England. Rarity values for non-British tins will be lower in their country of origin.


This relates to ownership or where I saw the image. At the moment, it’s either REC (that’s me), or I’ve taken the image from Ebay. In time, I hope other collectors will submit pictures of any I haven’t listed.